Blog Network Updates for 9/8/2021

After many years of supporting the Blog network, Matt Danskin has left his position at Lane Community College and is no longer responsible for maintaining the network. Till additional Information Technology staff is hired, support and requests for new blogs will be handled by system admins at the Academic Technology Center (ATC) and IT will continue to support and maintain the underlying server infrastructure.

We are working to catch up with various plugin updates along with testing an adjusted site backup plan/roll-back protection. For those individuals who would like more direct control over their content, themes, and features, it’s recommended that you investigate migrating to Google Sites. Many of the features Google sites supports were not available at the time the blogs network was established and it is now a much easier way for staff, faculty, and even students to share publicly accessible or private content.

For questions or concerns, please contact the ATC via email ( and be sure to include your blog address so that your request can be addressed as quickly as possible.