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The Stereo Bus is a blog( towards audio engineering. This blog was very intriguing to me because I am very interested and engaged in audio and I found this blog to be very helpful and informational.

  • This blog covers lots of topics regarding audio especially the engineering side of it. The blog talks about mixing and mastering tracks and even mic placement in certain environments. This is very beneficial to me because if I ever need to reference something or need clarification i can come to this blog and read what they have to say about it.
  • This blog is produced well for someone like me who likes simple easy to use sites. It is very clear as to what the site is about and what they do on the blog.
  • This blog seems to be knowledgeable about audio engineering and things that are related to audio engineering, such as Mixing, Mastering, and producing.

It is always awesome to read things about audio engineering or music in general. Im glad that i found this blog and that it relates directly to what i want to do as a career. I look forward to coming back and using this as a reference!

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  1. Karl Reindel

    As I am taking Mel Stark’s Audio 120 class, this blog review was interesting to me. Jake gives a great description of the blog and its diverse topics in the audio field. His review is well organized. I also visited this blog after reading Jakes review. The design is easy and simple to follow. It looks very informative. I am glad to have heard about it. Thanks Jake for the excellent lead.


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