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David Airey is a graphic designer and writer who specializes in brand identity design. He works with several high profile clients, such as BBC, and the Yellowpages, and has writen several books about brand identity. He also has an incredibly informative blog filled with practical information for the new designer, as well as fun visual breaks.

David’s latest post is a great example of some of the practical information you will find on his blog. Titled, “On late client payments, sticking to the brief, and the value of design,”this is information all freelancers in the creatives field should know about. I also garnered some very useful information from this post as well.


David’s site is very easy to navigate and you instantly get a sense of his style. It is very clean and well written, with interesting posts regarding everything from design pricing formulas to art installations at the Smithsonian.

David’s blog is definatly one I will continue to follow because his posts are very useful to the beginning designer, and really anyone in the creatives field. I also like the fact that he is consistently adding new posts, which reflects his commitment to his craft. Here is a link to his blog so you can check it out.




4 thoughts on “David Airey – Graphic Design Blog

  1. Georgia Harter

    I spent some time on this blog & I really enjoyed the article “I Wish I’d Known That,” where Chris Arnold offers advice to recent design grad students. Very important information. Thank you for posting this!

  2. Karl Reindel

    David did a very spot on job of reviewing this blog. I appreciate the description; it is well done. I visited through the link. The design is easy and simple to follow. It looks very informative. Thanks for a great resource to add to my collection of professional blogs to visit. It is important for those of us starting out to be aware of business practices, and having a mentor blog is helpful. It is good to learn from what others have to offer and their experience in the field.


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