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For my third post, I will be reviewing several professional blog websites portraying the work of each blogger. I will select one of the blogs that fits my interests, and write a post detailing the website.


The blog that I chose is photography blog called “LeggNet’s Digital Capture”, which portrays ‘The Photographic Journey of Rich Legg’; Rich Legg, a photographer from Salt Lake City. It gives great insight into the life of the photographer Rich Legg and features a wide variety of photographs detailing his life and travels, ranging from landscapes, to city views, animal shots and even an image of a disassembled gun. The quality of his work is very high and can be seen immediately, with sharp focus and juxtaposing colors and themes.




It is a very interesting blog because it is actually featured within the professional website created by Rich Legg. Therefore, I believe that the fact that it is embedded within his website to be very resourceful because it gives the reader access to the rest of his information. He gives additional information about himself, and furthermore, he provides several portfolios for people looking to hire a photographer, and even information on his own studio rental, for aspiring photographers.


In my opinion, the blog is very well produced as it fulfills all the purposes of a blog. It delivers his work to the public, is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Additionally, it is part of a bigger picture, meaning that the rest of the site complements his blog very well, and provides a very professional view of the photographer who created it.

4 thoughts on “BLOG SEARCH: LeggNet’s Digital Capture

  1. Karl Reindel

    I went to the site jt1214 reviewed. I love the photography on this blog. The design is easy and simple to follow. The review was very accurate in its information on the Legg blog and its contents. Great work reviewing the blog, very helpful and insightful.


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