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Metal Injection ( is a blog about news in the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music world. They post things like tour dates for bands, album announcements, album reviews and any other news related to metal bands, their members and their stories. The article featured in the image, “Dave Grohl Joins Members of PANTERA, SLAYER, METALLICA, MACHINE HEAD On Stage At Dimebash” talks about the singer of the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, joining fellow musicians on stage at the Dimebash event.

The other article featured in the image, “Grindcore is Love!” talks about the history of the sub-genre of death metal called “grindcore,” which a very fast, somewhat sloppy but to-the-point rendition of metal. It showcases a few videos of very talented drummers playing some of the more intricate pieces of music in the genre and showing how difficult it is to play, even if it just “sounds like noise” to some people.

I feel as though the content on this site is written and produced really well. Everything is fact-checked, accurate and everything is entertaining to some degree. All of the tour dates are accurate and they keep on top of any schedule changes or show cancellations. They also have professional music and gear reviewers write pieces on new albums and shows, always unbiased and never too negative.

I used to frequent this website but do not have the time these days with school and work. It’s a very entertaining site and I would recommend it for anyone who is into rock or metal music and wants to keep up-to-date on anything in that realm.


by Ryan Scott

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  1. Christopher Palanuk

    Not a fan of Heavy Metal, but I can get into Daughtry and Nickelback. Good to see that there is a good site for these groups.


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