2D Heroes.

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I love reading or watching superhero comics or movies. The blog, Marvels, http://www.readmarvel.blogspot.com/, is written by a guy who likes to read comics. Basically he reads comics and reviews them.

Good things about this blog include links to other blogs about similar things on the right hand side of the page. One of the links is titled Brian Michael Bendis. This link does not have a lot, if any, words on it, but it does have a lot of hand drawn pictures with the content being of superheroes. Bendis’s blog doesn’t have a lot to do with film besides being art, but art is used in a lot of movies, especially animations.

The content of the blog is basically just about the writers opinion on the new comics coming out. The format of the blog is professional and clean cut. You can find things easily and the links are accessible. The last entry on the Marvels blog was about his thoughts on the Secret Wars.

I chose this blog because I thought that I wouldn’t mind working with comics or animation. I would love to do a superhero cartoons, movies or animations. Art is a part of film and so are comics when you are making a movie about superheroes.

By Carissa Carlin

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