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ZIThe Legend of Zelda series has garnered a sizable fan following ever since it’s debut on the NES in 1986. It has become so popular that some of the most loyal fans of the series have created a database that is dedicated to bringing us Zelda junkies any new information regarding the series. Welcome to Zelda Informer! Not only does this blog have any and all news about the Zelda series (Upcoming releases, behind the scenes, etc.) but it is also host to a miriade of Zelda related content, such as editorials, reviews, caption contests, walkthroughs, and essentially anything Zelda. My personal favorite section of the site is the editorials section, wherein the admins of the blog post opinion pieces, predictions, and generally just gush about the Zelda series. All of the articles that I read were very professionally written, analyzing aspects of the series most people overlook, such as the theme of courage presented in each game and how the protaganist, Link, conveys a great deal of personality despite never speaking. It goes to show that for a lot of people (myself included) the Zelda series is a part of our life that they take seriously and has given us many wonderful adventures and experiences over the years, and this blog is a way of expressing adoration for a series that has done so much for us. That, or it’s a bunch of nerds who read way too much into a game about some kid in tights fighting pig monsters. I like to think it’s the former though. In all seriousness , if you’re a Zelda fan like me, there is no shortage of interesting things on Zelda Informer, it’s a pretty fantastic way to kill a few hours or decades.

Check it out: http://www.zeldainformer.com/

And remember, it’s a secret to every one…

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  1. Loren Smith

    This is probably the place to check out if they actually commit to the live action legend of Zelda movie. There’ve been a few fan made ones.


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