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By: Christopher Palanuk

The main home page can be found here.

There isn’t much that happens in the world of Leica cameras that I really can say I care about. The price of such cameras are about as much as a car, are ridiculously old fashioned in regards to their technology (most of the time), and don’t really seem to carry enough image quality to say that they are of the highest standard.

Yet, as I was searching for a reasonable blog to use, this one caught my eye. I do not normally use blogs for photography; rather I search for statistics on gear or will a buy a book rather than read opinion articles on what people like and don’t like. That’s just me. But the layout intrigued me. So, I continued further.

What I chose from the blog was this particular interview:, where the popular host of Digitalrev was asked various questions. It’s very well done, in terms of questions asked and formatting for easy, simple reading.

The site, as a whole, is well organized and most important, categorized. Each major body of work published can be found under the words “photographer”, “stories”, and “made with”, with subcategories under these. If there is something specific that the viewer is interested in, there is a search bar near the bottom of the homepage for the focused web-surfer.

As for the information on the Leica blog, it could be better in terms of the who, what, where, why, and how for most of the interviews. I wish there were some outside sources for some of it, like for the Oskar Barnack Awards, but otherwise it’s great for the web.

I’d suggest checking it out. If not for the interviews, then certainly for the pictures!


4 thoughts on “Blog Search: The Leica Camera Blog Review

  1. Georgia Harter

    I read the interview with Kai Man Wong and it was very interesting. I like what he had to say about his “fake accent.” He seems like a very down to earth guy. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Kimberlee Trim

    Chris, I like that even though you were skeptical about ,The Leica Camera Blog Review, you gave it a chance and were able to find things of interest to you. You were also able to give valuable feedback on what you did not necessarily agree with and follow it up with valid points. Good job on doing your research!


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