How your choices on Social Media can make you a villain.

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Medium is a popular website with a series of blogs from newspapers and media outlets. I found one blog that caught my eye. “The Weird Redemption of SF’s Most Reviled Tech Bro.” It’s set in California which of course will catch my attention and find out about how this person was able to redeemed himself.

Greg Gopman is a rich techie living in San Francisco and grew up in South Florida. A wealthy kid growing up and went to the University of Florida. Move to the Bay Area to work at the Silicon Valley. San Francisco along with Los Angeles have a major homeless problem. Grep Gopman probably wasn’t used to running into homeless people all the time. Majority of homeless have behavioral issue which rubbed Gopman the wrong way. Like most people in this generation we post something up on social media. His posted something how homeless people are ruining the city which sparked a debate on his Facebook post. The next day he was criticized about his comments. Not realizing the mistake he’s done. Politicians and other techies were furious the about his comments about the homeless situation.

Greg Gopman couldn’t understand why people saw himself as public enemy number one in San Francisco. Even his own techie started to turn on him. He soon started to seek out help on how to help his name to clear his name. He started to help out homeless people and even find out about their lives. For the first time in his life he open his ear whenever a homeless person approaches him to tell them what they go through. Then the public thought he was just doing that so he won’t be hated and not doing it from his heart. Ignoring those comments from the general public he continued to work helping out the homeless thinking the public would soon forget and forgive about the comments he made on Facebook. Especially politicians in the Bay Area were not buying that Gopman is doing his charity to really help out the homeless community. They believed once his name is cleared that he would go back to his old egoistical ways. He realized that he can’t change the public perspective about him. It became a personal project for him helping out the homeless community and understand what they go through.


Milton Pareta