My trip to Portland, Oregon

As a kid that grew up in Los Angeles, California I feel more comfortable being in a big city. I move to Eugene, Oregon June 2015. Eugene is tiny compared to L.A. My section of L.A. itself way bigger than Eugene. Eugene is your stereotypical tiny college town only having a couple things to do. Portland, Oregon is Oregon’s biggest city and one of the most desirable cities to live in the United States. Getting a place is hard plus the amount of competition you have to deal with to get a place. Portland alone is tiny compared to Los Angeles. I’m hoping I can move to Portland by the end of July or the beginning of August and attending Portland State University in the winter term.

Portland does remind of home at times with taller buildings, quite bit of traffic, and more of a diverse culture. Portland have a great amount of culture and food. Portland focuses on food carts and mom and pops shop. Portland compared to most cities in the United States have amazing public transportation. Los Angeles have came a long way from their public transportation issues in the past. Still compared to Portland, Los Angeles public transportation is bad. Public transportation in Portland makes it easier to get from Point A to Point B real easily.

This project was the worse one I did in this place. My production and editing was awful. I did not plan this project as well I should have. This project will teach me a lesson on what not to do in the future. I have numerous issues with this project and did not do well in post production. After doing this project I promise myself I will never make a crappy project like this ever again.


Milton Pareta