When you’re hitting on a girl then you out find she’s not single. :(

That moment when you’re bored at school and have a couple hours to spare. You go to the library and you see a pretty girl you had class with me. You’re thinking finally this my chance to get her number and see what can go from there. The whole term you were too scared or there’s some other guy that was talking to her. Now it’s the chance. Up on the stage and thinking about what to say to her. Any wrong move can rub her the wrong way and end all chances of you getting her number. Your palms are all sweaty and mom’s spaghetti was tasting really bad from the night. How can this girl make me have butterflies in my stomach and make me vomit. Thinking of any The Weeknd lyrics you can recite to make her fall in love at first sight. Actually that’s an awful idea. You finally sit right next to her and you say the three letter word, “Hey.” She said those three words back and you need to find something else to say. You mentioned that you had the same class together and how her summer went. Everything was going good until she dropped the bomb on you. You find out she’s not single. You have no will to get her number or even know how her day was going. You just wonder why do all the pretty girls are taken. You realize that you got to find another girl to hit on.



Milton Pareta