Alien Escape Mission – Intro


I had a fun time with this project overall. I really haven’t edited audio or done anything with audio yet, except for when making videos with final cut, and adjusting the sound. With project P4 audio, I went over to a friend’s house and we decided to play around with the sound effects from the program called “garageband” .We found some really cool “Sci-Fi” and “Alien” Loops, and started dropping them into the are story timeline. Shortly after a few sound effect clips we decided to run with it as being an “Alien Type” escape mission. We began writing script lines that went with, and sounded right, towards what kind of sound effects we had already played out. I think it turned out pretty good for being my first time really using the garageband app of my laptop. I really only ran into difficulty’s with adjusting the sound waves, and volume level so it faded in and out correctly. Here are the sources/equipment I have used for this project:


-Blue “SnowBall” Microphone.

I believe these tools were great for a beginner such as myself. I really liked using the snowball microphone. I did a test comparison towards my laptop microphone, and its by far better. Garageband was also great tool for me, still kind of learning it, but getting the hang of it. Thanks to this project, it’s taught me more with using this software. I can’t wait to use this equipment in future projects.


-GUEST Voice: Brady W.

By: Brady Grey