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Project 6, by Jeremy M. Roman

The inspiration for this project was a propaganda film from the 1950s that was talking about the “dangers of homosexuality”. I wanted to do a modern take on that, but with accurate information and without blatant homophobia. I decided to do my best to recreate the look of 1950s films by adding a bit of blur, a noise filter, some vignetting, setting it to black and white, and adjusting the audio to match the tone of the video. I hope you enjoy it!


Please watch the video at the highest resolution before reading this post.

My experience with this project has been both stressful & relieving. Like any other student, it was stressful due to working on this project & other school assignments. And it was relieving because it when I was focusing on this, it was a moment of control, a sense of doing something I’m capable at. Which is creating content.

Anyway, this video is semi biographical & hopefully relatable to college students. What I mean by this is it’s basically a student working on a project while figuring out their future. The premise is simple, but hopefully the way I edited demonstrates how I think.

In this case, an archaic sense of slapstick silliness.

What I want the audience to feel is be humored while relating to the life of a college student. I want them to be aware of the present while also thinking about after Lane. To know that probably everyone here is trying their best but will have moments of doubt. That we will have at times question decisions that pertain to the betterment post student life. But it is also understandable to dream about something unordinary. To have something that defies the standard of living.

Dreaming may be cheesy, but better to be cheesy then to be nothing.

P6 Final Project: My Adventure to Class

By Danielle Hilliard

For my project i chose to tell the visual story of my adventure to class. I thought it would be funny and realistic. My goal for this project is to make people laugh and to share my experience with them. I had a lot of fun filming for this project and i cant wait to further my camera skills and make even better projects in the future. i had trouble using after effects it kept ruining my footage so i just went with using Premiere Pro. I would lime to further my knowledge in these Adobe Creative Cloud programs so I can get better at using them. I tried to add fun sounds such as the bagel chomping sounds to make people laugh. I had to add the footage of the turkeys they just make coming to campus more interesting they are very beautiful creatures, and are fun to film and photograph. I had some difficulties when it came to filming on the same weather days to make the shots line up good, but overall I feel it all worked out well in the end. I am happy with my finished project! I really want to keep making more film projects like this one. I have so many more ideas this is really fun for me. I didn’t realize how much I liked doing this until I took this class.

Duncan Final Project

I wanted to do some worldbuilding around my silly Minecraft prison for this project, so I decided to do an instructional video on how to maintain it. I’ve done other projects related to it for other classes but I wanted to show off the gross fleshy areas at least once before the end of the term. The thought process behind the script for the video was I wanted it to be constantly hinting at the heart without outright saying it, and continuously imply that there is something sinister happening, only to later casually reveal it all the while the upbeat and chill music continues to play.

The two things I think I struggled the most with this project was keeping it under 3 minutes while also getting all the information across, and then also making the video seem crusty and old. But in the end I’m happy with how it turned out


Voice over: Ben Bartlett (My brother)

Music: Hep Cats by Kevin MacLeod

By Duncan Gustina

P6 Drag? for a project? Groundbreaking.

by JD Rodejo

A drag video? From a drag queen? SHOCKING. I decided to stick to what I know. I had multiple ideas that didn’t go according to plan so I decided to go back to my passion which is performing. I was still able to incorporate my original ideas, drawing, a bit of stop animation/video and fashion.

I decided to showcase my creative process to one of my biggest looks for my drag. I made the back piece and headpiece from scratch using unconventional materials such as balloon sticks and cardboards. I performed this look to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”. I have been enjoying videos with hard transitions so this was such a fun project. I used Adobe premier and Capcut to edit and put the videos together and applied a bit of editing or filter in Adobe Lightroom as I already have the presets saved.

For the reveal of the look, I had a video of my performance that I have added in to complete the project and for me to showcase everything in action. The video was taken at my own show that I produce and host. All videos of me drawing were taken by me and the video of my performance was taken by a friend who gave me the rights for the video.

AD: If you are free on December 8th at 7pm, head to Spectrum Queer Bar(150W Broadway) for Morena’s Hotpot! An all ages show and lipsync competition for new performers.

When We Were Cats.

I needed to show myself I could do it.

When coming up for ideas on what to do for this project, I wrote off one that I deemed too complicated and excessive. Every other idea felt dull in comparison, and the whole thing started to leave me feeling defeated without even starting. 

I mentioned the project to a student that had previously taken the class, and they excitedly showed me what they had created. It was beautiful. I felt emotional, and that’s when I knew I had to push myself. The worst possible outcome wasn’t the worst thing that could happen, and this would be a great opportunity to see what I could pull off.

So, for the first time, I built a small set. I stuck to the plan that was created. And it worked out. I’m still surprised and residing in a fog of chaos and daze, but I’m writing that off as a mindset shared by speedrunning multiple projects.

There are definitely a few things that I would do differently, but overall, I’m happy with what I accomplished in such a short amount of time. And it gave me a great excuse to look into different effects and things of that nature in quite a few Adobe programs. 

by: Erin Schooley

Warframe V

 This assignment was a lot of fun It was a simple process of deciding on what to do then I just hopped on the game and got started grabbing my frame its weapons, and the companion I wanted to use then went off to the mission. I did the mission collected some footage then came back to the orbiter and I repeated that about 6 times. I also decided to do a little bit of an intro so I went to the captura and created a little intro with the poster boy of Warframe Excalibur. The editing was a bit long but fine I had to trim a lot of little bits just to make it under the 2-minute threshold luckily I was able to keep some of the moments I wanted to keep mainly within the Alad V assassination mission. Plus with all that, there are a couple of references to other games In the video mainly being names of my weapons and companions of my choice.

P5 image BY: Joseph Reiter

Jade P5 image editing

This took me a couple of hours to make. If I had make a rough estimate, I say around three to five hours in total. It was really fun to make because I enjoy making stop motion. I struggle a little bit because the clowns didn’t want to stay up.

I had a lot of fun editing the sound effects and music. Editing took me one hour to do. My personal favorite part is the twin clowns. They’re were really fun trying to figure out how to do a flip. I also animated them differently from the others. Instead of setting them up on the wall, I set them up on the ground and changed the angle of the camera to make it seem like they sitting up and not laying down.

What i would change is the lighting to the last clown, Kiki. I tried really to fixed but nothing worked, And honestly, I didn’t to retake the shot. My legs and back was numb and sore with me sitting on the ground for hours. I’m really proud on how it turned out.

by: Jade Wilkerson

P5 – Image editing

By: Julia Hansten

For project 5 I decided to go with the 5 people in my closest friend group. 

The vision and goal was to make a video inspired by a title sequence or theme for a TV show, as you can see we didn’t really achieve that, at least not the vision I had in my mind.. 

I decided to do mostly still images because I thought it would be easier to match with music, but I also included a few short video clips. 

The music is from adobe stock and the pictures are taken at night with a relatively old iPhone so the quality isn’t top tier. I decided not to have a story or goal with the ”show” but to make it seem like a regular but really dumb sitcom. 

For the editing I went off a little bit.. I’m not super familiar with the software and haven’t done much editing in my life so I viewed this project as a good opportunity to mess around with different effects and transitions to learn more and actually had a lot of fun with it. 

Also, don’t worry, 5 Schmucks will not be picked up by HBO, Hulu or Netflix

Duncan P5 Image Editing

I play Minecraft a very normal amount. The assignment said 1-2 minutes and Youtube shorts are 1 minute max so I wanted to make a Youtube short for this assignment. I also wanted to do something fun and simple for it so I ended up going with this. The hardest part of this for me was adding all the sound effects because I was calling with my partner so I had to mute the footage to remove the talking, and so each sound effect I had to manually ad individually. In some cases though I think that made it better. I tried to keep it simple and stupid because I didn’t want to stress too much about this assignment.

By Duncan Gustina