A man uses a laptop while it is engulfed in flames.

By Nicole Sherman 
on Tuesday I was thinking about this assignment, anyway I started to listen to the sounds around me such as the rain. Walking to the cafeteria I noticed that I couldn’t hear the sounds inside but when i when in the sounds of the rain were gone replaced with talking and piano music. So my original plan was to have a werewolf of some sort going inside from the rain. So anyway the original idea I was going for was to illustrate the feeling of coming inside from a storm. Unfortunately I couldn’t do this idea because I got sick before I could record anything. 

eventually I got the idea to reuse the sounds that I collected from mixkit and uppbeat for my original idea. Putting them into my audio I realized that it wasn’t exactly one minute long so you can kinda hear me stalling for time at the end. My goal with this project was to kinda meet the requirements honestly, but it was also about things not going as planned. Then trying to figure out something last minute. It also delves into performance anxiety in me trying to tell the story not with words but with sounds. 

speaking of things going wrong the program that I used broke on me last second. Which is why their isn’t any music because I couldn’t find any that would fit and I just couldn’t add the music for some reason. So yeah making this audio was a complete disaster. 

Typing on keyboard- Mixkit

Paper scrunched into ball- fascinated sound- Uppbeat

Lightbulb idea twinkle- betacut- Uppbeat

Footsteps on tall grass- Mixkit

Heavy rain and thunder in background- Mixkit 

Children screaming- smart sound – Uppbeat 

Wearwolf howl distant dark location- locran – Uppbeat