by Nicole Sherman

I will admit I was kinda procrastinating on this project. It may have something to do with that I’ve been feeling burnt out lately but I don’t know. My original plan was to do five steps to walk your dog but it got extremely cold out like it was in the thirties when I was planning on recording. So I decided to work on another project but my dogs were being annoying. Eventually I got the idea to do five things for your dog to do while you’re working.

I can’t actually remember which specific scene I recorded first, which scene I recorded second and so on. My process for this project was instead just recording my dogs doing dog things and picked the ones I liked most. I also recorded a scene of myself stuffing a treat into a toy. So it wouldn’t feel like the whole thing is just dog videos. There was a clip that I had to censor and didn’t have enough time to replace it was because of some content that YouTube would never Let me show. Anyway the whole process I took was sewing the videos together in iMovie. Then adding graphics with premiere rush. Also adding sounds that I recorded myself and adding night gatherings by pecan pie.

Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):
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