P5: Image Editing By Dennis Pak

My experience with this project reminded me when I used to YouTube regularly. Finding things that I liked & creating something silly yet technically in depth was always a joy to me. Also, figuring out how to solve edits by essentially going through Final Cut Pro’s features always given me Eureka moments. Which in turn gives me a new skill to implement for future projects & gives me more confidence as an editor.

Anyway, this particular project not only stirred up my creative juices, but it also reminds me of my youth playing video games. Ranging from both Diddy & Donkey Kong from the Donkey Country series to the cast of the Super Mario Bros. They always served as comfort food in video game form. Coming back from a stressful day of the life of an elementary schooler to then be sucked in the 16 bit world of Nintendo melts whatever trivial issues I had in the real world. Whether it be riding a barrel cart in one of the fun cart levels in Donkey Kong Country, or  playing as Mario to get through the mushroom kingdom without getting taken out by Bowser & his army of Koopas, it was always a good time for me afterschool.

Glad I was able to do this project.