Inhabitat is a green design and lifestyle site that provides coverage of environmental news and the latest in sustainable design.

If you are like me and are passionate about design and the environment, Inhabitat is the blog for you. This is the blog I frequent especially when I am depressed about the current state of affairs. This is a blog devoted to the future of design, innovative technology and sustainable architectural projects.

Inhabitat has a news, environment, architecture, and design section! I find myself scrolling through the design section the most. I love when artists incorporate natural design into their work! We should work with nature, not against it. Inhabitat has links for other sustainable sites such as sustainable fashion design!

Overall I think the site has a very minimalistic feel which makes the content quite easy to navigate through! The photographs are professionally done and the information is extremely clear to read.

Besides the wonderful work being displayed by this blog I find myself being motivated by the combination of environment, design and photography. I think eventually I would love to document places similar to the ones they post about in this blog. Below I’ve attached an image of a place that would be a dream of mine to shoot!

2 thoughts on “Inhabitat

  1. John Kneisler

    Hey Jocelyn,

    That looks like a cool blog! That tree house is very cool! I’ll have to check out some of the other designs they have on there.


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