Reviewing an Online Blog: Depositphotos

When I was about ten, I bought myself a little camera and took it with me all over the place, snapping shots of my life. I still love taking photos to capture special moments and to just be creative!

Although I am undecided as to what specific career in multimedia design I want to pursue, I am interested in photography and I find inspiration when looking at others’ works of art, something that isn’t lacking in the website I found.

Depositphotos ( )is a website where you can “download more than 130 million high-quality royalty-free stock images and high-definition footage.” It provides pictures, news images, illustrations, and videos that you can buy or simply browse through.

If you are like me and aren’t interested in buying images, Depositphotos also offers a free option! By simply creating an account on their website, you can receive free weekly stock photo downloads or sign up for informational e-mails!

At the bottom of the website page under a list entitled DEPOSITPHOTOS is a link to the Depositphotos Blog ( ). From photography and design to business and marketing, these blogs provide inspiration, up-to-date news, and artistic advice. For example, one blog category includes photo collections of specifically selected photos arranged in certain themes, and another includes fascinating interviews of professional photographers. Depositphotos Blog makes it easy for you to blog on their website, and to learn a little about the others who have posted! Commenting on posts is available and easy, and you can also connect with Depositphotos on social media through simple links on their website.

This website is pleasantly arranged in a simple, well-designed format. Navigation links are placed in convenient locations, and posts and advertisements are arranged in neat rows. The simple neutral colors it uses cause the colorful photos to catch your eye.

Here are a few more fun aspects of the Depositphotos website:

When browsing through stock images and media, there is a handy tool bar on the left side of the screen from which you can easily locate what you’re looking for by choosing a color scheme, category, and more.

(I highlighted the tool bar with a pale pink rectangle)

With a click of your mouse, you can also switch the language of the website to any of twenty different languages!

Depositphotos will definitely be my go-to website for photography tips, tricks, and inspiration! I am excited to keep exploring their website and reading their blogs.

Written and posted by: Kailey Slocum

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  1. Kyler Beneke

    I remember using something like this as a teen for school projects! Jump down memory road! Awesome smooth read. im excited to have another site to use now.

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