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UX Collective is a publication on Medium focused on topics, research, and resources covering user experience design. I chose The UX Collective as they have well-curated content and keep up-to-date with new trends and developments in user experience design. You may find the UX Collective to be a nice resource if you have interests in UI, Product Design, User Experience Design, and/or Psychology.

UX Collective is a publication, serving as a distributing host for authors’ content much like a newspaper or magazine. Medium is the online publishing platform that the UX Collective is hosted on. I think the use of the Medium platform enables a high production value as it standardizes the content styling making it accessible and responsive across devices. As a reader, I can highlight key sections and I can bookmark articles for reading later or easy reference. Medium is unique to many blogging platforms as it sorts posts by topic rather than by the writer. It also has a “clap” system for up-voting quality content.

The Medium platform enables me to highlight passages and bookmark my favorite stories.

UX Collective has consistently published helpful and interesting information. I feel this is helped by both the editors and the up-voting system. The articles with the most claps in a given frame of time will filter to the top of the blog’s feed, ensuring readers are presented with high-value content every visit. In the words of the editors: “UX is becoming increasingly popular, and with that comes a lot of clutter, noise, and disorientation. The UX Collective is our attempt at curating some of that content and giving it back to the community in a more structured and digestible way.”

I’ve shared some articles I found to be helpful resources or fun reads below. If you decide to explore further, please note that any starred articles, marked with “⭑”, will be viewable by members only beyond 3 free article views. You might be able to bypass this by opening an incognito window. (CMD+Shift+N)

Thanks for reading!

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