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Surrealism Today is a blog centered on contemporary surrealism art in various mediums. The blog has various work from artists throughout the world posting their work to share with the art community. Surrealism Today is a source to inspire and encourage other artists to create in the medium of their choosing.

I chose this blogging site because surrealism is a favorite art style of mine that I can connect with. What makes it my favorite art style is the collision of reality and dreams that can be horrific or fantastic. I think that this particular blog could be interesting to others because it could be a source of inspiration to create in your medium and also connect with artists from other parts of the world. Aside from interesting, the site has good resources for one to use.

On the digital art page of the blog, I found an example of a good resource. This page contains many hyperlinks to other forms of contacts to artists and links to other art resources. Most of these links further showcase the work of these artists and give the viewers an insider look into an artist’s intent behind their art.

Surrealism Today blogging site is produced well in that it is simple and not over the top with graphics. The entire blog is clear and balanced. Images, videos, and animated images are evenly spaced and aligned. There is a great deal of upkeep and does a wonderful job of organizing their information. 

The quality of information is good and not overwhelming to the viewer. On the home page, the viewer is given insightful information on various artists that are recently featured. This information is given in a snippet, but you’re given the option to click on a link to read on. This sort of setup minimizes heavy text use and gives ample room for visual arts that keeps the viewer interested in exploring the site some more.

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  1. Greyson Yant


    I found this blog to be a delight for both the eyes and the imagination. I really enjoy how they provide an easy to browse visual hierarchy that promotes exploration while preserving intuitive navigation.

    Thank you for sharing! Bookmarked this blog.


  2. D.S.H.Z

    I enjoyed your writing about the page and how informative you were on the variety of topics. I am gonna have to check it out more, I’ve always loved surreal art but don’t know many surreal artist I really know of Salvador Dali and Mc.Escher. I saw their art as a kid and its always stuck with me since.
    Thanks for the cool post!

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