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The Name of the professional blog I chose is called the NFB Blog. (here is the link I chose this blog because they have a lot of examples of animation and stop motion animation. If you’ve read my earlier posts you know I want to do that in the future. Anyway, It’s also a really good place to get inspiration and ideas for fun stories. The other thing I like about this blog is that they credit a bunch of different filmmakers and animators so you can get a variety of different works and know exactly who did. The company name doesn’t just get all of the credit for a bunch of people’s work. 

NFB Blog Screen Grab
NFB Blog

This blog is also has a lot of connections to educational resources to help you learn about all sorts of things, from animation to film making, to even learning about the ocean. Another good resource they have is interactive videos so you can actively learn new things. The only catch is you have to subscribe to get the education content and I think you also have to pay for the subscription. 

The production of the blog is okay. It’s a little hard to follow at times because when you click on something like a video it will send you to one place then you have to click on another page to get to the video and where you can comment. So the navigation a little weird but once you get used to it the navigation gets easier. 

The quality of the information is really good. I love all the examples they give of all the different artists involved in this company. Some of my favorite examples of stop motion animation are by the artists Claude Barras and Curtis Horsburgh. Claude Barras’ style of art is humerus, dark, and I just love it. Curtis Horsburgh’s video “Fyoog” captured how I feel when I get on the bus for school and fall asleep. I also love how you have a choice to do the inactive or educational part of the blog. If I had the money I would most definitely subscribe so I could participate in the educational part of the blog. 

By: Kaitlynn DuBois

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  1. D.S.H.Z

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