The photographer

Mason Resnick is a street photographer. In his blog he talks about some of the first street photographers and how street photography is changing. Nowadays people use digital cameras more than film photography. Film photography is tricky because you will need to take many pictures and you can’t see the pictures that you just took until they are developed. After that you have to choose one picture from the many you took. That’s one of the reasons that people have gone digital. Mason says, “And yet. Some of the greatest street photos ever shot have been on film.” The site basically talks about how film photography has been replaced by digital cameras and the blogger encourages you to develop photos on film. He talks about people taking pictures in the past and tells how they did it and what they used. The site not only has a story to tell when you enter, but it continues and covers everything that relates with photography: how people used to take pictures back in the days and how people take pictures nowadays. The site covers the technology of cameras that are used to take specific types of pictures. This site covers street photography and what it takes to be a street photographer.

This blog got my attention. That’s why I decided to use it. I like the art of photography because just by looking at a picture you can get the idea of what the photographer wants to express through the picture. I like street photography because it shows different sides of society. I think other people can find this site interesting like I did because it teaches you a different perspective of how special and powerful a picture can be.
It has many good resources that talk about cameras, lenses, lighting, printers, camera bags, drones and others. He reviews different products and offers information to help a person figure out which one they might want to buy. For example, he believes the Fujifilm X-A7 is best for “those accustomed to large phone screens.”
In my opinion the site was well produced.
I thought the information the blogger gives was great. When I clicked tips, it gave a whole lot of information of how I can take pictures and what camera I can use. It gave me tips about black and withe photography and also gave you an idea about how lighting works for black and white.