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When searching for a professional blog, it’s all about what the person who made it can teach me. If a website is nice looking and has good photos, that’s great, but I want something more. When looking through food photography blogs I came across Micheal Ray’s Photography page. Not only does this individual do incredible photography of still life, portrait work, and more, he uses most of his time to focus on food photography.

If you get a chance to see his blog, it shows this in return. For some of the photos he’s done, he even has video tutorials on how to do it yourself. That’s a completely free and awesome resource that people like me can use to improve our photography and I’m grateful for it. The ability to learn from a professional for free can sometimes be incredibly hard or straight-up impossible. Michael Ray has gotten so much out of his craft that he loves that he’s wanting others to learn it even if it doesn’t give him anything in return, that’s a dedication to the art form and it truly inspires me.

The information is visible with links that work perfectly fine. The words and art against the clear white background add just the slightest more detail giving everything on the page a little more pop. Of course, everything is in a neatly compacted order and you can find exactly what you’re looking for with ease. I believe that will all these things I mentioned, that’s what creates an amazing blog.

4 thoughts on “Blog Search (Wirrick-Coad)

  1. Greyson Yant


    Thank you for sharing this blog. I’m very much a hands on learner. The in-depth examples and videos Michael shares throughout the site are invaluable!

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. Audrey Scully

    I love this blog! it is very easy to navigate and loaded with helpful information. I do some amount of food photography and it’s really nice to get some tips from a pro.

  3. Kyler Beneke

    Im a big photography person and i have been since i was little. its awesome to see professional work! I have a Canon T6i that i treasure. It would be fun to loo around the site, so ill save it for later use.

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