5 Things I Do Daily

Originally when I made this video, I had lots of different ideas. Some of the ideas I had were the following.

  1. 5000 calorie challenge
  2. 5 spots I like to go to
  3. 5 of my favorite exercises

The list could keep going and going. Ultimately I decided to go with this “5 Things I Do Daily” because I feel like I am an open person and I wouldn’t mind showing people how my day might look regardless if it doesn’t look exciting.

Getting the clips for this video was kind of challenging because I wanted to record the gym when nobody was there because people will react differently to them being recorded but I also wanted to show the whole gym and not just part of it if someone was working out. Another clip that I found myself struggling with was with my last two clips. As we were told we couldn’t have our hand or our feet or anything in the frame. After trying to re attempt some recordings I just decided to leave them in and apologize for it in the video (sorry). Other than those two issues I had lots of fun putting this together.

I want to refer to this video as my practice video because for the final assignment, I plan to try something out of my comfort zone and maybe this time I will actually follow the rules and not have my hand or shadow in the frame. And even though this was basic editing I think I could’ve done something to make better transitions into the clips.



2 thoughts on “5 Things I Do Daily

  1. Gabriel Sampedro

    Awesome video, Alex. I remember laughing so hard at your jokes that I felt like I could watch your video forever. I thought your video was very personal with all the camera angles you shot from – which is something I really liked. And because of it, I truly felt like I, for a moment, stepped into your shoes for a day and did the things you do every day. Thanks for sharing, Alex, I can’t wait to watch more of your videos!


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