How to make a Music Video in 5 hours

I drove to Yamhill, Oregon on President’s Day weekend to see some family and close friends with my best mate since 2010, Cody Eastwood. Yamhill is a small city with one street light and a population of 1,115 about 45 minutes Southwest of Portland, Oregon. We did not know that this small city where Cody graduated from was going to be the area we filmed in. I knew I had to make a music video. I was making the video for a college class at Lane Community College and the assignment was to find a way to incorporate the number 5 in some type of way. My idea was to make a music video in 5 hours or less. Unfortunately, I can only show you the 1:23 minute version for class purposes that only shows half the music video. The full 5:45 minute video consists of us showing the raw footage at the beginning, then jumping straight into the footage you saw from before, but in an incredibly dope music video.

Here is the 1:35 minute version:

Here is the full 5:27 minute version:


Doing something that is extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration.

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3 thoughts on “How to make a Music Video in 5 hours

  1. Krista

    The quality of video and postproduction work shows in this video, so great job! I love that your goal was to make a music video in less than 5 hours. However, I didn’t get the sense of ‘5’ inboxed this video, which I think was the point of the assignment. The production quality is fantastic, though! Keep up the great work!

  2. Jacob Adams

    Hey, great job with the company, Tushei. Good Luck. The music was on point too, look forward to seeing the future videos. If you need any help with cinematography, you know who to call!

  3. Alex Garcia

    I really liked that after class you mentioned that all of this was shot only using your phone. I thought that was really impressing because I would’ve never thought that I could do something like this simply on my phone. Great video.

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