A 5k Run in the Eugene Downtown Area – Jacob Adams

“Running is a hard sport to explain. Why do we run… Few can answer that question. The real answer isn’t within but around you.”

If the Link Crashes: A 5k Run Through Downtown Eugene

A 5k race, you only get water. I do it for a lot more than that. Now I often run farther than only 5k but this distance will forever be remembered for me.  

Many people live and work in the Downtown Eugene area. Here are a few places within a 5km (3.1 miles) walk/jog/run from the center of the Downtown Eugene area.

I knew that cross country was my sport when I ran my first 3k back in 2011. Then for my senior year of high school, I completed my final cross country race of high school. I owed my life to cross country, having run 58 races, between high school and middle school, and around 157 miles (252k) just in those races. Not including practice runs, races through local clubs, and my time a part of the Lane Cross Country Team. I have learned what it takes, to go from the start line to the finish line.

My first cross country race, I completed it in 16 minutes and 46 seconds. I remember finishing– unknowing of how that would change my life. I have never had a knack for sports, but I found that long distance running was a great way to think to myself, about improvements within myself, or mankind in general. I found that not having a set date to accomplish a goal, I won’t ever complete it. This doesn’t show more than within my passion for film.

“For this video, I decided to go on a 5K run starting from the Downtown area of Eugene. During which I set myself a goal to film a bit of what I saw.”

I hope I can continue running in my life. Just as it took me across the finish line of each of my cross country races, it will continue to take me through the rest of my life.

6 thoughts on “A 5k Run in the Eugene Downtown Area – Jacob Adams

  1. Alex Garcia

    I really appreciate this video because I know how long it must’ve taken to actually get all those time lapses. I’ve done some in the past and it can be really tedious to do so especially when you’re trying to capture multiple different time lapses. I give you props for that.

  2. Gabriel Sampedro

    Nice video, Jacob. I admire how you patiently waited for your time-lapse to record because it’s very time consuming, but what if offers the audience is that you are dedicated and committed toward the things you do. The video was also very enticing in itself and made me recall of times in which I’ve passed those same buildings and streets in your video. Nice job, Jacob, and I hope to tune into more of your projects. Thanks!

  3. Dalton W Trim

    Hey Jacob! very nice work! you have some skill with the camera my man. I really enjoyed the use of gopro and timelapse. It gave me a better understanding of your personal style and direction. I enjoyed your post, thank you for quality OC.


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