5 Great Athletes Who Wore #5

My goal for this assignment was to get more familiar with Adobe Premiere while honoring some of my favorite athletes. The interpretation of 5 worked out well for me as many of my favorite athletes have worn the number as members of their respective teams. I realized that by the end of the research process for each athlete that I chose that they were in fact all from 5 different sports as well! Many of the facts I chose during my research were meant to intrigue anyone regardless if they are fans of sports or not. I hope you all enjoy learning about some great all-time athletes and individuals!

While it was very frustrating to have 2 of my SD cards memory corrupted while attempting this project, it turned out to be a blessing as this idea was way better quality than my previous projects that were lost. I was very fortunate to have my roommates very nice DSLR camera and tripod to record each sequence.

I found that many of the skills and tools used in Premiere are similar to those found in audio production software such as Ableton or ProTools. While I have never used Premiere I didn’t find the process difficult once I got myself acquainted with its interface. It was a pleasant surprise that I ended up enjoying learning different techniques and styles of video effects and editing.

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