Counting Fives – P5

For this assignment, I wanted to do a light-hearted view on people who obsessively count numbers. I wanted to show that counting, for some people, is an everyday struggle and it takes a lot of effort to do. I stuck with a storyline that could kind of coincide with what people see as a ‘normal’ morning.

When I did the filming for this assignment, I had my boyfriend be an actor in this (he agreed, stubbornly). I had never directed anything like this before, so figuring out how to tell people what to do was a bit of a challenge. It was a lot of trial and error. Another thing that I learned while completing this project is how easily camera shake is seen in video. I had no idea that filming was so difficult so props to those who do this professionally! I understand now why big studios use carts that have the camera on it so they can get a smooth pan. It was also easy for me to achieve the one-minute requirement for this assignment!

During post production, I discovered that piecing together the video clips was easy because I already had a story that I wrote. After finding music that is royalty free, I found that it was difficult to time the video clip transitions and the music. I think I did a pretty okay job for this being my first film production! The last thing that was a pain for me to figure out was getting text on my video. Since I used iMovie, there was limited options of text overlays. I tried to import my video to Premiere, but my lack of knowledge with that program stopped me from figuring out how to insert animated text. I ended up using a text title from iMovie that did the job.
I would like to learn how to use Premiere more throughout my time here at Lane. I had a lot of fun creating a care-free video that isn’t too serious. I’ve definitely gained a better understanding of film because of this project!


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