Animals I Care About

This post is a bit diffrent then the last ones, as this was a project for me to be able to do minor editing on images. My perimeters where 5, and I could take that unit of 5 however I wished too. I chose to break it down into 5 diffrent places/people I interact with animals. One was the category of outdoor spots, animal sitting, house animals, friend’s animals, and my guinea pigs. Shadow is in their twice on purpose, just because he’s like a sunflower.

2 thoughts on “Animals I Care About

  1. Gabriel Sampedro

    I love your video, Ricki. I love how the dogs brought a cheery and uplighting tone, and your song selection made me want to bob my head until the end of time. From start to finish, the happy tone made me recall all my happy moments in my life, and in that, I felt elevated and joyful for the rest of the day. It’s not easy for someone to make others feel good about themselves, but you did – and I applaud you for it. Thanks, Ricki, and I hope to watch more of your videos in the future.


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