W19-P4 Audio – News Clip


For this project, I decided to do a
snippet from ‘The Onion’ news. It is of course fake news, which is the subject
of my project. Fake news in the media world is becoming an actual issue. Who
would of thought, that in 2019, fake news would become on of the most
hotly-debated socio-political topics of recent years?! 

Fake news has been fueled by social
media, which in-itself, is a social engineering project. Literally, companies
are becoming giants in the economic, political, and social world, and with that
has come the trolls, haters, and keyboard fanatics! The world that we live in
is whatever we want and that freedom has brought us into a world of questioning

Im not one for change, as the great
sir Ron Swanson put brilliantly, “All I care about is that I’m the same. If I’m
the same as I was a year ago I’m happy.
” The fact is that the
change is here and there’s no stopping it, even Scrabble has added words
such as: Bezzy, Cakeages, Emoji, Obvs, Ridic, Thanx, Tweep, Twerking, and Yeesh.

Trump + New Age Kids + Tech = End of
an Era

I do have to say, I had fun with
this project. I got to not only use my microphone and audio editing software,
make a news segment, and get to play around with sound effects. It’s a new
hobby for sure.

3 thoughts on “W19-P4 Audio – News Clip

  1. Kyra

    This is magnificent! Great “cover Photo”, great job on the authentic sounding new report into music, and the voices were hilarious! 🙂

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