P4 Audio:Lost A Penny

The idea with this project was to create a instrumental track with a mix of sounds and rhythms. My theme for this was something broken, so then the rhythm will fall apart and build itself up again. I used a software called Ableton 10 which has an abundant of tools at my despoil, but also i can download assets and plugins (mini software that has a special the sound is manipulated) from the internet. I also used hardware, this mini keyboard with eight pads and a joystick to apply effects during a recording or just a jamming session. The hardest part with this project was sticking with it, so many times i wanted to completely change my direction i wanted the project to go in, especially since i got my mini keyboard two thirds into the project. Keeping with and idea will improve the depth of an audio project and your own voice within the work.

Now think about how it could be better, are there any sounds or drums/keyboard that should be mixed in a more organic or isolated way? How does the sounds that are there make you feel? Do any images come up in your mind? What’s the overall emotions you feel coming from this project?

4 thoughts on “P4 Audio:Lost A Penny

  1. Dom Moulton

    Very interesting song! I like your use of different sounds throughout the track. I also used Ableton Live for my project and it is so fun to play around with. Good work

  2. Dalton W Trim

    Even tho this doesn’t really have vocals to accompany the track, that’s a more assignment technical critique. I really enjoyed getting lost in the electronic psychedelic tunage you have put down upon us my dude! Was a nice hazzy mix of all sorts of sounds.

  3. Krista

    I also used Abelton to do my project! I love how this piece has a psychedelic tone to it. Really nice!

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