W19-P4 Audio

What I was going for was a radio advertisement for Disneyland. I was trying to get the ideas jolted down and I decided with this idea in specific because I was messing around with voice impressions and found out that I actually had a semi decent Kermit the Frog impression. So, initially after I found this out, I thought to myself “what if I did an advertisement for Disneyland while using my Kermit voice impression?” After finalizing and putting it all together I tried experimenting with other voices like Mickey, Goofy and various other Disney characters but I had no luck. When putting all of this together I thought that maybe it wasn’t going to be that good especially because I had a tough time trying to find a way to incorporate the sounds into my idea. But after a couple hours of looking around I was able to finish, resulting in this.

5 thoughts on “W19-P4 Audio

  1. Dalton W Trim

    What an audio clip! I loved it! Did you know there was a huge marketing deal back in 1990 where this LITERALLY almost happened. plans fell threw after Jim Henson’s death, rest in peace sweet prince. Super awesome and if your interested take a look it’s some fun Disney history if your into that sort of thing.

  2. Gabriel Sampedro

    Great voice acting, Alex! This was an awesome approach and it sure seems like you had fun creating it. Great work and maybe Disney may need a voice actor for Kermit someday! Thanks for sharing.


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