Project Yellow Light – Jacob Adams

“Before we start today, I would like to introduce what I was going for during this project. This is a Public Service Announcement I made…”

Sounds Used: Texting / Tape Deck / Car Passing

Project Yellow Light is a scholarship that I have been trying to get to apply. Project Yellow Light has three scholarships available for future and present, college students to apply for. There are three different scholarships that can be applied for: a radio short, a video short, and a billboard. Each is judged on accuracy and creativity as well as how well it portrays the reasons not to text while you drive. I imagine this radio commercial would be mostly heard while you are driving, on your car radio. So I played off of that, but it also works well if you heard it outside of your car.  

The story goes like this, imagine you are driving in your car and the radio is on. You are listening to your favorite station. Suddenly the radio goes silent, just as you pick up your phone to send a text. But instead of your next song playing, this radio short/PSA plays, alarming you. This, of course, would work without you sending a text but all is the same. Do keep in mind that the scholarship has a limit of 20 seconds so I added an intro and outro. Hope you enjoy it.

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3 thoughts on “Project Yellow Light – Jacob Adams

  1. Dom Moulton

    Very nice use of effects and sounds! It felt as if I was actually listening to a sponsored PSA that a radio show or podcast would have in between commercials.

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