The Day My Life Changed – P4 Audio Project

For this assignment, I originally had a different idea that was a very boring and uninteresting story. However, right when I went to record, I decided to change my entire project. I wanted to convey a message that is more thoughtful and meaningful.

Over the winter break, I lost my best friend and, basically, sister-in-law. She committed suicide on December 16th and this audio assignment is a recap of the day that I found out. There is a lot missing from this story because it is hard to say everything that I was feeling in that moment and the moments after. There is not really a conclusion, or resolution, to this story. It doesn’t really end. It just stops.

That is what I wanted to show everyone. When this happens to someone you love, the hurt never actually goes away and you just have to learn a new normal. There is not resolution to this story because I have to live with it everyday and I wanted to show you all that. So many people out there have to live without their loved ones and I just wanted to give a glimpse into what it’s like to find out you lost someone you love.

-Krista Ortiz

1 thought on “The Day My Life Changed – P4 Audio Project

  1. Kyra

    This is a brave and amazing piece that had me in tears before it was over. I could go on at length about how skillfully you executed all of the technical aspects of the assignment, and the impressive quality of of work. But, more than anything, I was struck by how you took something devastating and turned it, masterfully, into an artfully impactful piece that beautifully balances your mastery of medium and your humanity. It is exquisite, and I have no doubt it will have a powerful and important impact on those who hear it. It may even save a life.

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