The Sounds of Orchard House

Today I bring you an experiment in sound editing and creating a story with only original sources. I used this as a chance to learn how my microphone and computer talk to each other. Which is not well/at all. My computer does not recognize and cannot understand 3 different input sources. From research it is because of the USB connection I used. With my phone there is an adapter that overwrote the problem allowing me to record. It came out with the quality of audio expected, while being a pain to transfer files from my phone to my computer. However, I’m used to taking another step, as you always need to while using your own photos.

Below you will find the story of The Orchard House. With one of the furry residences pictured, Gaia.

Post by Rick Williams

1 thought on “The Sounds of Orchard House

  1. Krista

    I feel like even though you had a struggle getting the audio to work correctly, it still turned out good!

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