Blog list for New Media Students!



“100 Best Blogs for New Media Students”

I stumbled upon this site looking for a blog relative to our class assignment, and after spending some time checking it out I realized it could be insightful to others. It exhibits a list of 100 different blog pages that vary from academics, new media art, new media culture and business blogs, technology, and gaming. Although this list was published in August of 2009, I visited several links and they are still up and running and very useful, with the exception that some are “not found” or just very out dated, I found the list to be valuable.

The Initial page displays a numerous collection of links for different online schools, and other links for jobs, and various articles. The only part that interested me is the list of blogs. One in particular, #23 on the list “Moving from me to we” takes you to the page for Kare Anderson. Anderson’s TED talk on The Web of Humanity: Becoming an Opportunity Maker has attracted over 1.3 million views, and the context of information can be considered useful to students in the media industry with great tips on communication.

Another link from this list Art21 Magazine provides a space for insightful writing on current contemporary art and artists. I found this page to be very well placed and nicely put together. Below are just a few of the columns presented.

Get right to it by clicking this link: Art21 Magazine “About”


This was my favorite find because it hosts a variety of media interests and holds archives of some very amazing past publications, writings, photographs, videography, and much more. Enjoy!

By: Sarah Andrews