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Photography is one of those things that everyone has a different opinion on what looks “right”. For some people a crisp clear shot is the way to go. Some might not see it that way. A hazy out of focus, underexposed shot. Which I thought many of the images from this blog could be categorized into nature or architecture photography. I believe those are areas of interest for me. My best photos would fall under these categories as well. I think that’s why this blog caught my eye. Other than the big red bar at the bottom of the screen, red is one of my favorite colors.

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-12-22-20-pm         One good resource I found on this blog was under the Photography Tutorials tab.Under this tab you will find videos explaining some general techniques covering almost everything from taking your shot, to retouching it and creating your final piece. Like many other photography blogs, he also includes a list of software and equipment that he uses. This can be useful to find more information on the equipment and software that you could best utilize to create your projects. The Blog is being produced in a useful and entertaining way. It’s useful for beginners as it gives you some tips on setting up your shot. It can also be a entertaining blog for the seasoned photographers by giving them a look into someone else’s view of photography.


By: Nieman Adams-Jackson

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