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Engadget’s home page.

For whatever reason, consumer technology is something that has always fascinated me. I routinely spend countless hours reading product reviews of things I don’t even intend on buying, and watching unboxing videos (as meaningless as they are.)

Engadget is a blog that caters to people like me. They offer many different services that include: reviews for new tech-related products as they come to market, providing interesting insight into various current events, offering a comprehensive buying guide, hosting a popular technology podcast, and many more.

The general quality of the content found on Engadget is comparable to most other professional level blogging website. Their product reviews are skillfully made with information graphics and accurate lighting; the articles are written with intellectual insight and a refreshingly low amount of bias; and the overall quality of the user interface is very intuitive. You can tell a lot of work is put into maintaining this blog. I think it’s handy that they have a functioning search bar, and quick links to their social media outlets. I also enjoy that their content is divided up into categories, making navigating the content a breeze.

One thing in particular that I find useful about this blog is their buyers guide. Upon clicking on the “Buyer’s Guide” tab, you are taken to a page with a grid of various different products that they have written reviews of.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 10.30.59 PM.png
The “Buyer’s Guide” page.

After finding the product you want to read more about, you are greeted with a shortened version of their full review, a list of “key specs” about said product to consider, a link to purchase the item, and a link to the full article if you’d like to read the full review.

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 10.31.54 PM.png
Selecting a product will bring you to this page.

Considering that the majority of people don’t want to read more than the bare minimum of what’s necessary to make up their minds anyway, I think this “quick link” type of pop up is very intelligent.

After analyzing Engadget more than just using their services, I’m coming closer to finding my niche in the artistic world. I feel like working for a technology blog like this one would be a dream.

By: Thomas Lemelin