Hypebeast/ Hypetrak


Hypebeast is my blog of choice because of its constantly updating posts and it really ties into my interests and what I want to eventually do. Hypebeast is a blog that focuses on all aspects of fashion, culture and lifestyle and hones in on styles and brands, from streetwear to high-end and from  barely established to well-known. I have been reading this blog since I was a freshman in high school and it has influenced a lot of what I wear and design today. I have watched Hypebeast grow quite a bit as well, when I first started visiting the site their was just postings and forum discussion. 

The site functions very smoothly and efficiently and uses a great base white format and lets the posting shine instead of a flashy background. The blog always posts a full new page of information everyday and their postings are clear and concise. They have all their specific categories on top so if you are looking for one specific aspect of fashion or culture they have a tab for your exact niche. Hypebeast used to also incorporate music into their website but have now split into two different entities. Hypetrak is an offshoot of Hypebeast that specifically deals with music and all the artists and characters in the music world.