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So… blogs are still a thing? I didn’t really know. I thought maybe our society evolved( or devolved) away from the blog like we did with livejournal, myspace and chatrooms. Some friends of mine ribbed me a little when I told I was blogging for class. If it was a podcast on the other hand, they’d probably want to be on it. So this assignment is a challenge not just because I’m doing it last minute-ish but because I don’t know many blogs…especially professional blogs…that I could enjoy and recommend! I mean If this assignment was “Find a blog about professional wrestling that’s insightful with a lot of cuss words in it, then write a blog about it” ( I would be on it but I’m trying to stick to the program. So I found Bob Keefer’s Eugene Art Talk ( .

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-12-54-10-pmFormer Register Guard/Current Eugene Weekly writer Bob Keefer’s ad free blog is all about the theater, music and fine art around town in Eugene. His post are not boring and he doesn’t seem like a snotty person. My brother does theater locally and I looked to see if he said anything bad about him, so he’s ok in my book, though its kind of difficult to find older posts because you have to scroll through all of his more recent posts. It’s not like I regularly go the opera or to a symphony, but maybe for a date night I could go on this website and see what going in fine arts locally, read the review and maybe impress my lady friend of a night of wine and rose… or something I don’t know, check it out. Later, check out we hate movies (, it’s a podcast where they discuss bad movies with a lot of cuss words!


Billy Dyball