lily hanley making my blog 2020-06-04 23:57:01

I really wanted to do something cool and was very excited to play with stop motion. The day I decided to film came to halt when I realized I need something to keep my phone steady.

I sat for a couple of days and thought about what I would do with little resources and i thought about him traveling across my house, sliding his way using counters and even a banister. Things were quite shaky unless my phone was propped but not everywhere in my house or even outside had that kind of access.

to make it better I decided to I would make it a silly guide, and added the videos at the end as bloopers that weren’t as stable, or cute. I had lots of fun creating my character, based on a real character in a horror game I like called Five Nights At Freddy’s. I found a really awesome video/movie editor that the video will self promote and ruin parts of the video.. and couldn’t figure out how to get rid of. I had lots of fun creating his potato friends but it’s not what I wanted. but still I tried my best to turn it around and make it at least a little enjoyable. I think this assignment would have gone better with more planning and educating myself further on requirements for stop motion, like a tripod. I also didn’t realize how tedious the process is, but there was also reward in that. My family enjoyed my little creations with me. I think I will try stop motion again in a different time, when I have better resources.. and maybe when things are a little less stressful.

I definitely should have given myself more time, and space for error as I came across many. I’ll defiantly do better next time!