P6 Final Project

With this assignment I was really trying to punch home the message of following your dreams and taking the risk. As a society we usually let our dreams fade away as they seem impossible, however if people take the risk they can see an amazing part of life that they would never get to see. Growing up I was always in athletics so I traveled a lot for that. Even though I traveled a lot there were very few trips where I actually got to experience something truly special. In two trips for photography alone I have seen and experienced more than I ever have. I would never have been able to experience this if I never decommitted from the Shasta College football program. This massive risk of losing the opportunity to play football, for a photography job in Miami Florida was a massive risk, but that risk has led me down a crazy journey where I have been able to experience things I never thought I would. The point of this video was to show people that they should believe in themselves and if they do amazing things can happen. It’s only been a year since I started my photography journey but I know that if I keep taking the right risk this journey will  be a long one.

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