About Me Danny Parrish

I’m Daniel “Danny” Parrish new student at LCC (Lane Community College.) I’m a pretty big gaming fan especially when it comes to first-person shooter games, but I also play other games too like “Rocket League,” and I am currently getting into “Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.” Films have always had a special place in my heart making me want to watch new and old movies almost daily. I’ve been able to appreciate almost every movie genre especially action and comedy.

I’ve always tried to have something going on in my life that keeps my brain going and my life interesting whether that was playing sports or hanging out with my friends, but this pandemic has slowed all of that way down and I have just been watching anime, playing video games, and hanging out with a few buddies here and there. I am hoping that going to college will help get my brain to get going and enrich my mind with a ton of new and interesting information.

Competition has always brought out a fire in me. So one of my favorite things to do is to follow competitive sports and esports. I’ve always loved the thrill of competition whether or not I am very involved with it. It’s always been pretty cool to see the best in the world at something compete to see who the best of the best is. My favorite two leagues have to be the NFL and the Overwatch League, my favorite teams have to be the New York Giants(NFL Team) and the Los Angeles Valiant(Overwatch League Team).

I’m pretty excited to blog and share my journey with everyone reading. I will be posting blogs every week and so far I’m enjoying every minute of it. Let me know if you have any questions for me.