About Me

By: Ian Howerton

Ian Howerton

My name is Ian, and I am an undergraduate here at LCC, working towards an Associate of Applied Science degree in Multimedia Arts. I have some experience in various multimedia settings, including film, podcasts, radio, and music production. I hope to gain a better understanding of these areas, of expertise, and to hopefully find out which field I would like to go into after I earn this degree. I’ve always been really fascinated by use of music in film, and how it effects the ideas and feelings of the audience as those musical ideas develop.

As for my personal life, I live outside Junction City, just north of Eugene, and live on a farm. The ample space and distant neighbors make for a serene, if not occasionally barren, flat landscape. I have several cats, however, who enjoy gracing the presence of any social call I attempt to make or participate in. It is most likely that one would see Hercules, Merryweather, Mim, or Bruno, as these four are the ones who have taken residence in my office.

Since I mostly have cats for company, I have several collections. I’m not quite sure how these two truths are related, but I’m sure they are. In particular, I like collecting leather bound books, both for the feeling of the book when read, as well as the aesthetic nature of it on my shelf. I also collect pins and antiques, but I’m certain that these are more niche interests and that as a result, nobody cares.