It is Five O’ clock Somewhere- By Karl Reindel

This was a fairly fast paced assignment. I believe this is why the instructions were “to keep it simple.” So, that said, what I was trying to accomplish was to come up with a piece of work that was fairly well done given the time frame in which I had to do the work. I vacillated between making something using five ingredients, to making a video about some aspect of wine that included the number five. I settled on the wine idea and made an advertisement about a local wine tasting room where I know the owners.

What I tried to accomplish (my goals) in my project was to make a short ad that educates the viewer about the various featured wines, and their characteristics, that Bennett’s has to offer. I wanted the feel of the ad to be casual, yet have a sense of class. I aimed for “appealing pretty pictures” of the wine, and the containers. The dialogue was meant to entice the viewer to consider the product, appealing to ones’ sense of smell and taste. “It’s five o’clock somewhere,” was my way to invite the viewer to consider what follows.

My experience with this assignment was mixed. I had a lot of frustration with computer issues. The shooting of the footage went well. I found good resources for the video of the wine being poured, which I credited on my YouTube posting. There were some challenges using the “effects” in Premier, and my understanding is that this will get better with practice. I know there are some issues such as smoothness in some of the panned shots and dialogue. I had to shuffle parts of the dialogue to match the order in which the wine was filmed. In all, given the fast turnaround, I think I am content with my resulting work.

2 thoughts on “It is Five O’ clock Somewhere- By Karl Reindel

  1. Trenten

    I liked the way you did your video, seem very professional. Loved how you did the fading wine in the background.

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