Video Editing Project-Homework.

Ah, at it again with another post all based around homework.


I promise that I’ll get back to cameras and lenses… eventually. But back to the topic.

This was a last minute ordeal. Too much work and too little time management skills on my part really ruined a good opportunity. Then again, it also lent me a gratifying illusion: free time. Taking this assignment as an excuse for a break from everything else and exploring my campus as a personal project, I simply shot what I see everyday in the pattern of five. Five flowers, five modes of transportation, five signs… you get the gist.

Honesty, all I wanted to accomplish with this project was to complete it. It sounds bad, but all I really like about video is the compilation/editing. I personally think that for an editing project that the project should be based around an established video and edited. For example, taking the epic The Ten Commandments, and editing it down to five minutes with a coherent storyline. That, to me, would be closer to the point of the assignment. But I do get how creating content is key to becoming a better media artist.

All in all, it was simply a nice break from everything else. It’s certainly not video heavy, but then again, it’s not my forte.

11 thoughts on “Video Editing Project-Homework.

  1. Kimberlee Trim

    I think you did a great job, Chris! I have said it before but you are a wonderful photographer. You have a great eye for composition and even though I know you said the music was a bit of an afterthought, it worked for me. Sometimes the timing of the notes was uncanny. For example when the bee flies off of the flower I heard the perfect high note to accompany the movement. Overall I thought you made a real quality video.

  2. Christopher Palanuk

    Thank you. The pictures and video were loosely designed around the ups and downs of the track. I just cut the imagery to match. I like that someone actually noticed!


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