5 Gifts to Give Your Sweetheart this Valentines Day

This is technically my first real video project and I had so much fun creating it. Honestly, comedy is not something that I have any experience with, especially visual comedy. So I figured I’d challenge myself with this video. I surveyed at least 20 people and asked them what they would like to receive for Valentines Day and then I took a couple of those gift ideas and made jokes out of them. Writing out the storyboard took up a ton of my time, so in an attempt to ration my remaining time, I cut out the idea of any dialogue. By doing so, I avoided writing a script, checking out a snowball mic, fixing levels, etc. On the other hand, without dialogue, the video relies entirely on the props to make the jokes. Acquiring the props was one of the best parts. Imagine a giant pair of underwear, ketchup and Die Hard in my shopping cart. Shoutout to my partner Keasey who was a great sport when I forced him into a robe on camera. This was actually quite a lovely, little Valentines Day activity for us. Apologizes to Teresa for starring in my own video, but I was all I had at the time. The most difficult part of this process for me was staying within the 2 minute time limit. I had between 6 and 9 shots for each scene (I went a little overboard, but passion for videography will do that to you). After a great deal of time, I finally managed to whittle it all down to exactly 2 minutes. Another aspect I struggled with was the music. Each song worked out alright, but they weren’t exactly what I wanted. Besides a little couple challenges, I had such a great time. There’s nothing I would love more than to do this for a living one day.

5 thoughts on “5 Gifts to Give Your Sweetheart this Valentines Day

  1. Karl Reindel

    I love your video. It has great content, excellent hummer, and a good lesson. Your video was very well done; you used good music, the composition is very good, great POV shots. It was also very tastefully done. The plot is excellent.

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