5 Things That Suck in Life by Nate Emerson

Cast: Itay Vagner, Jonathan Ray, Bartholomew Kaur, Sierra Owens, the voice of Nathan Pierson

Written, Directed, and Edited by me

So this assignment was… different. When the prompt of surrounding the video around the number five was announced, I knew I wanted to do something involving sketch comedy. However I knew that making 5 sketches wouldn’t be enough, those sketches should be centered around the number five, primarily why it’s evil! As soon as I was told that I needed actors, I knew immediately who to call on; the South Eugene High School Comedy Club! For a little background, most of the people who were starring in the video were people I met through a sketch comedy club we formed in my freshmen year of high school. As I knew, they were all more than happy to work with me on this project, making filming them an absolute joy! The real trouble I ran into this project was editing. I had at least 5 minutes worth of footage recorded and I had to cut it down to 2, all while I was getting over a cold. As a result the video ended up going much faster than I thought it would, which actually added to the comedy in my opinion. With that said I still needed to come up with some creative solutions. In between each skit I had a little title explaining what the following skit was about, but thanks to the 2 minute time limit, they were impossible to read. In the end I decided to keep the first title, but for the remaining 4 skits I used visual representations. Looking back, I wish I had removed the 3rd title since it shows up for less than a second and can barely be read, though I felt like the skit wasn’t self explanatory enough to not label it so I was kind of stuck. Well I hope you enjoyed my first attempt at directing people, I put a lot of time and effort into this, so be honest in your feedback!

1 thought on “5 Things That Suck in Life by Nate Emerson

  1. Ryan

    I like the flow of the comedy. Comedy can be very subjective, but I feel like you got it down pretty well in this video. I’d like to see more stuff like this, honestly. Great work, man!

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