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For my project 5 I did a top 5 touchdown celebrations. What I was originally trying to accomplish was just a very basic video that counted down some famous touchdown celebrations. Once I got everything filmed and started editing I realized I don’t have a lot of variety in how I filmed. So I decided to make the video as cute and funny as humanly possible. I used my son as the actor and I found that was a huge pain. He did not want to do it at first because he is very shy. Once I got him in front of the camera he was fine, but then there was the issue of teaching him these iconic dances. He had a lot of trouble picking them up. This was both bad and good. It was bad because it was very frustrating. The good in it though was that is “version” of the dances I think made the video better in the long run. The editing of the film was definably the easiest part for me. The sound and titles took a little more work. They weren’t necessarily hard it was just difficult getting the sounds and text to match the dances. Overall I had a lot of fun making this video as dorky as I could and was a good learning experience.

5 thoughts on “P5 Image Editing

  1. Kimberlee Trim

    Trenten, you were brave to have your main and only actor be your young son. Your son did great by the way! I know you mentioned it took some convincing on your part for him to do all the moves and I think about my 5 year old and I can only imagine. I also really enjoyed the way you were able to make a cohesive soundtrack with all the different songs you used, they fit really well with each segment. Keep up the good work.

  2. Christopher Palanuk

    It’s always hard when using a child actor, especially when it comes down to your own son. I really hope that there was ice cream for you both at the end of this because anything that is produced with children is so darn difficult. However, I do want you to notice your composition. A lot of times his feet, hands, and head are all cut off. Now it can look natural with all three cut at once, but when it is just the feet or one hand, it can feel awkward to the viewer. They’re looking for a full body, especially when there is action. They want to see it all. I know that it is really hard with video to do this, given the horizontal framing, but all that’s needed is to step forward or step back. Let the viewer either see more of his body (the touchdown dance) or more of his head (his reaction after scoring). That way the viewer can find something more natural and not start thinking about the other things. If this comment is far too long, I get it. But I see that you can do good work, and I just want to help you get better. Now I just hope that I didn’t reach my word count limit…


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