5 Ways To Get To The Driver Seat

This project was really fun! I didn’t really allow myself enough time to work on what I originally wanted to do so the outcome was this. Although I didn’t get to do what I originally wanted to i’m happy with how this video turned out. I’m glad that Teresa gave me some pointers and some ideas to work with that ended up tying everything together in my video so that was awesome. Basically this video is about me climbing through every door in my car just trying to get to the driver seat. I wanted to make this video kind of funny for the viewers and make it look like I was really struggling in some spots that was my goal here and I think that I achieved it somewhat. For this project I used my GO PRO hero 3 and just set it on my dashboard. I shot at 1080p with wide angle because thats all it allowed me to do but I still think it was alright. For the final project I hope to utilize all that i’ve learned so far to tie it all together and make the final project a banger! Hopefully I can make that happen.

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